Thank You George is a mix of minor chords and loop machines, of electronic spheres and walls of sound, of Folk and Indie, Rock and Pop. The project was originally founded by guitarist, singer and songwriter Phil in 2014. His collaboration with bassist Ali and drummer Tobi marks the latest chapter in the band's history, turning it into the trio that it somehow always wanted to be. Their music comes to live through endless waves and pressing lyrics, through its pushing silence and its epic endings. It is glass-half-empty, profound and sad, plenty and splendid.


Thank You George ist ein Mix aus Moll-Akkorden und Loop Maschinen, aus elektronischen Klangteppichen und Soundwänden, aus Folk und Indie, Rock und Pop. 2014 von Gitarrist und Singer-Songwriter Phil gegründet ist das Bandprojekt in der Zwischenzeit zu dem Trio angewachsen, das diese Musik irgendwie immer gebraucht hat. Im Zusammenspiel mit Basser Ali und Drummer Tobi lebt sie von endlosen Wellen und notwendigen Texten, von ihrer treibenden Stille und ihren epischen Enden. Sie ist Glass-halb-leer, nachdenklich und melancholisch, sie ist laut und leise, viel und schön.

Band foto of Thank You George. It shows the three band members Alexander Meyer, Tobias Bach and Philipp Bruns.
Thank You George are Tobi, Phil and Ali. The photo was taken in Tobi's living room in the end of 2019 by a dear friend of ours. She was also the one to stick all three of us into the bath tub to shoot the picture at the top of this page.


Please find our music below. To listen to the latest including ideas, snippets and recordings please follow us on Soundcloud. There's also some older tunes on there.

Kilograms of Time

Released in November 2021

Good things take time. That is why we weren't in a rush to release our next EP. After 'The World Is Mine' we needed some time to regroup. To find new friends, build new relationships, write new material, find a new and slightly heavier sound. It was an intense process that was just as painful as it was fascinating. The result is rawer, more honest, more rock than pop, more indie than folk. It marks a new chapter in our band's history and the third collaboration with Toby Lelushko.

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The world is mine

Released in June 2017

After the release of 'Bleed Towards The Light' it seemed like a logical consequence that the next chapter of our band's biography would start with a departure. With the need for something new. With a break and a long trip. That's why guitarist, singer and songwriter Phil initiated the recording project The World Is Mine in May 2016. For more than a year it evolved around his travels through the Middle- and Far East and around the songs and themes, samples and fragments, ideas and licks he recorded, published and sent home for the band and our producer, Kiezkojote's Toby Lelushko, to work on.

On 13 June 2017 the songwriting and recording project 'The World Is Mine' let to the release of an EP in progress: A collection of 8 preliminary tracks created over 12 months in 18 countries, bridging a maximum of 10.000 kilometers and 8 time zones.

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Bleed Towards The Light

Released in March 2016

In March 2016 we released our very first studio album "Bleed Towards The Light". It contains songs about traveling and songs about staying, songs about holding on to all things grey and songs about longing for the light. It's stories were compiled out of fragments and themes and lyrics and chords, all brought into the band by singer and songwriter Phil. He carried them home from his travels, from somewhere in between hostels and trains, hammocks and busses, exciting cities and gorgeous beaches.

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Please find below a selection of videos recorded here and there along the way. To follow us on YouTube, please click here.


This is the video for "Weightless", a pre-release from our 2020 EP. The piece was performed, recorded and filmed during the COVID-19 lockdown in our flats in Hamburg, Germany. a special shout out goes to Thomas Regenhard for making the song sound incredible.


This is the video for "Sky / Ocean", the second song from our EP in progress "The World Is Mine". It was shot partly by Jan, Ali and Kiezkojote's Toby Lelushko in our rehearsal room in Hamburg, partly by Phil while traveling Georgia, Turkey, Russia, Mongolia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and the Philippines.


Past shows

  • 2021
  • November 05 / Astrastube Hamburg
  • August 12 / Hebebühne Hamburg
  • 2019
  • December 13 / Astrastube Hamburg
  • 2016
  • April 27 / Barbarabar Hamburg
  • April 08 / Litfaß Oldenburg
  • March 31 / Album Release / Knust Hamburg
  • March 19 / Zosch Berlin
  • February 20 / Tonfink Lübeck
  • January 18 / Knust Hamburg
  • 2015
  • November 25 / Bar Rossi Hamburg
  • July 25 / Pooca Bar Hamburg
  • July 2 / Millerntor Gallery Hamburg
  • June 11 / Astra Stube Hamburg
  • April 17 / Hard Rock Café Hamburg
  • 2014
  • September 9 / Luxus7 Hamburg
  • September 9 / Luxus7 Hamburg
  • August 14 / Clubkinder stage / Dockville Festival Hamburg
  • July 22 / Astrastube Hamburg
  • July 16 / Lütte Deern Hamburg
  • July 7 / Altonale Hamburg
  • June 18 / Bar 227 Hamburg
  • June 5 / Zwick Altona Hamburg
  • June 2 / Pony Bar Hamburg
  • May 27 / Instagram Walk / Millerntor Gallery Hamburg
  • April 2 / Bar Rossi Hamburg
  • March 3 / Clubkinder Klanglabor / Nochtspeicher Hamburg
  • January 25 / "Greyscale" / Oberhafengalerie Hamburg

Upcoming shows

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